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About Us

Atlantic Wav Studio is a production studio based in Wildwood, NJ. Founded by two brothers: Jim and Bob Maschio. Both are lifelong musicians, covering guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, percussion, saxophone and vocals. With a background in radio, sound design, and performance alike, Atlantic Wav Studio can help create your project from scratch at a professional quality, or help you finish what you’ve already started.

A.W. Studio, offers everything from tracking your bands next record, to voicing,recording or producing your business’ TV, radio or web based advertisements.  A.W. has solutions for podcasting, royalty free music, and sound effects for your projects as well. A.W. has a solution for your audio needs.

Our Process

We believe in giving the client what they want: an awesome product that is radio ready or designed for the standards of the projects final destination. How to achieve this result can be done by many different practices and methods.

Ideally, multi-tracking separately is the best practice for producing a quality song. We offer isolated rooms as well as a live room for either individual tracking or an entire live performance with your band.

Typically, multi-tracking can lead to a bigger investment into the project but will almost always have better results. Meanwhile, a live performance with the whole band playing at once can cut costs as well as provide the energy and chemistry that exists when a live band plays.

We then analyze, mix, and craft your tracks into one final master track for you to do as you please!