Atlantic Wav Studio is offering exclusive access to our royalty free music library for two months, free of charge.

We want to hear from you, how we could do better at shaping our library to better fit your needs. If you’re in radio, podcasting, film and tv, or you’re going to run the next big YouTube channel, our royalty free music library is for you, and now is the chance for you to try it out!

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the first 50 to sign up you’ll be grandfathered in to an exclusive price of $35 a month for one year and will be among the first 50 to try out and listen to (and use) the brand new Atlantic Wav Royalty Free Music Library, perfect for advertisements, YouTube videos, podcasts and more. After one year the price will return to $50 a month if you decide to stay on board with Atlantic Wav and our constantly updated music library.

Treat your production department to a nice treat… give them something new and fun to work with!