Learning to play music is a great thing… learning to play with others is even better. That’s what Rock Enroll High School is all about.

Is your child interested in learning how to play some of their favorite songs with a band? Enroll them in Rock Enroll High School to capture the experience of being in a band that plays some of the most iconic songs from some of the most famous rock and roll bands of all time.

This is how Rock Enroll High School works:
Each enrollment semester, students will learn a catalogue of songs from a selected band. Students will be assigned to groups (different bands) to learn how to play with others as well as pushing their limits on their playing ability. At end of each semester, students will be brought together to perform in front of friends, family, and fans to showcase how hard they can shred in Rock Enroll High School.

Pricing for Rock Enroll High School:
$250 per month per student (3 month period)
This includes one weekly “band practice” and one weekly “private lesson”

Contact us for more information or to sign up!